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Chia sẻ Flashtool : S1 devices flashing all Sony Xperia

Thảo luận trong 'SONY' bắt đầu bởi admin, 2/8/16.

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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Thành viên BQT


    Công cụ Flash rom cho All Sony Xperia


    • Due to many bad simlock flashing, simlock is disabled from FTF selector wipe / exclude list. It is only enabled in Pro mode. A warning is shown when flashing while in pro mode.

    • New FTF Selector UI
    • Fixed issue with BL unlock in the case it was relocked (TA unit was not written to phone correctly)
    • New TA Restore UI and a new Advanced feature : single TA file flashing (See Advanced -> Trim Area -> S1 -> flash TA file

    • Bad compute of maxpackesize (hangs on some sin files)

    • This release is compatible with Xperia X. But you must create the FTF bundle with this release otherwise it will not work properly
    • Large update of SWT related libraries. Should work better with HDPI screens
    • FTF selector has changed a little. Table replaced with a TreeViewer. USB transfer buffer is set to 512K instead of max packet size fetched from phone
    • This release is now fully working with devices prior to Z serie. It was broken since 0.9.19
    • Sin V2 and V1 extraction is now working fine too
    • USB log parser was broken with M5 devices. Working fine now
    • Updated flashmode drivers to Those drivers are mandatory for Z5 and up
    • When creating FTF, fsc script can be included. In such situation, it will be used without any prompts when flashing

    • Fixed bug in FTF selector. Screen not refreshed when changing source folder

    • Fixed boot delivery missing if autobundling from xperifirm when you do not unpack FILES from xperifirm
    • Fixed a null pointer exception when checking about FSC presence.
    • Fixed a possible null pointer exception on boot delivery parsing.

    • Simulate mode was broken by TA autobackup when flashing

    • When xperifim does not extract FILES, do it in Flashtool and autocreate bundle
    • Select first element and show content as well as exclude/include when applying/clearing a filter in the FTF selector
    • SinV3 parser issue with some files (rpm.sin) some garbage removed

    • Fixed a bug where in some cases userdata.sin was not extracted correctly
    • Doing a TA backup just before flashing a FTF
    • When bundling FTF from Xperifim downlaods (automatic) simlock.ta is not included in FTF bundle

    • FTF with simlock.ta included : simlock.ta will be excluded by default. Including it in the selector screen will show a warning.
    • If simlock.ta (more generally TA unit 07DA is selected for flashing, a YES/NO box will show up before flashing, asking if you are sure
    • Regarding the two warnings above, simlock.ta can now be added to a bundle. More generally a TA file containing 07DA unit
    Latest release (

    C4 and C5 users please do not flash using Flashtool. It will brick the device. M5 users please do use FSC when flashing or it will brick your device.

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    Sony C4 E5333 ok bởi Lynkgsm, 13/3/17 lúc 16:48

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